Structured Wiring - The Foundation of your Electronic House

Structured wiring provides the required foundation for your home's electronic infrastructure. This up-to-date home wiring system is necessary to take advantage of applications today such as digital TV, multiple phone lines, home Internet access, and prepares your home for rapidly emerging technologies.

Structured Wiring typically provides distribution of telephone, data and TV services to a specified number of wired outlets in multiple rooms. To meet your lifestyle needs in entertainment, communications, and comfort, Syntronic Systems provides a suite of home solutions that add value to your investment and enhance your home living experience.

Structured Wiring Features

  • Service Center - Where it all comes together: structured wiring, applications, and services
  • Connection Outlets - Where you connect to your home wiring system
  • High-Performance Connections - What goes between the Service Center and the Connection Outlets
  • Many More Options -Syntronic Systems provides a broad range of service center enclosures, connection outlets, and service modules

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