Conference Room Audio Visual Systems

Your conference room's audio visual system can dramatically affect the impact of your corporate presentation and can compel your audience making your meetings more effective. A combination of technology, products, and integration will ensure that your Power Point and multimedia are presented in a way that your ideals are clear and your message has a maximum impact.

Allwired Technologies works with our manufacturing and distribution partners such as Lifesize, Smart Technologies, RTI and others to ensure you have the right technology, the right audio visual system that will give you the most effective conference room possible. Whether you are a large or small business, educational or governmental organization, non-profit or for-profit, your message is important.

Here are some of the solutions and systems that we provide:

  • Audio Systems: Amplification, microphones, and speakers
  • Control System: Integration and automation of the systems and components
  • Displays: Projection and flat panel TV monitors
  • Video Conferencing: High impact HD video conferencing from Lifesize
  • End to end solutions that work

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