The Syntronic Difference

Large Custom Integrators

  • Customer Service: Large integrators must charge for service calls or they will eventually go broke.  Because Syntronic Systems keeps its operations and overhead at a minimum, we can assist our clients quickly and effectively.
  • Pricing: Our labor rates are approximately 50% of the larger companies.  Our clients are not paying forcostly overhead such as a showroom, managerial and marketing departments, inventory, and other salaries.  Also, most large companies shoot for a 75% technician bill time ratio.  This means that 1/4 of every day, the company pays a technician but the company itself can’t bill a client for those hours.  But guess what.  They do.  They have that number built into either their product or labor markup.
  • Design: A large part of doing a great job on a system build is the design aspect.  However, a lot of large integrators charge for this system design.  Even if you decide to go with them, you will not see any of that money back as it is used to pay for the designer's salary.  Unless going out to a formal bid, Syntronic Systems does not charge for system design.  We have that much confidence in both our design and installation. 

Small Custom Integrators

  • Certification: Syntronic employees have been certified by numerous organizations.  They have spent hours in industry training as well as manufacturer training.  A lot of small integrators started in teh A/V business through electrical or security backgrounds.  Syntronic Systems is devoted to the audio/video niche.
  • CEDIA Membership: Just like most builders are members of different builder associations, Syntronic Systems is a member of the audio/video industry association, CEDIA (Custom Design and Installation Association).  Most integrators in Michigan are not members.  Membership is contingent on certifications and liability insurance.
  • Manufacturer Relationships: Syntronic Systems uses brands that we believe in and have had great previous success with.  We do not sell products based upon what is available or margin.  Most small integrators have access to only a limited number of brands.  Syntronic Systems is devoted to providing its clients the best solution for their particular scenario.
  • Design: Most small integrators don’t design systems at all.  They create a parts list and put a price on it.  They then get to the jobsite and try to make it work together.  Syntronic Systems designs systems that are guaranteed to work and provide detailed documents addressing the complete system.